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  1. Perception is the non propositional “base” of justification....I do realize that causality is identified explicitly, conceptually...
  2. Rand called that genus validation not verification. You may be confusing her with Positivism....
  3. Plasmatic

    White Supremacist Protest Violence

    The methods of the Frankfurt School Marxist are very real and pervasive. Social Constructivism, which infects the education systems everywhere, is derived from their nonsense. You can hear the Frankfurt theorists in their own words in my playlist on this topic: Many formerly self professed marxist hate to admit the extent to which this evil is present because they still want to hold on to the rebranded nonsense that is still in their thinking but by another name... One can also read on this in The Dialectical Imagination by Martin and Dialectic of Enlightenment by Horkiemer and Adorno.
  4. Plasmatic

    Abstractions as such do not exist?

    I havent read this thread but I have brought this up many times here. Ms. Rand is referring to "exist" in the primary sense when she says "abstractions as such do not exist". She uses "as such" in a few places in a way that seemed to signal that she was aware of a nuanced usage of language being deployed. Concepts are "mental existents". They exists within the primary entities that possess abstract consciousness. They are held by the device of concrete substitution in language.
  5. Plasmatic

    White Supremacist Protest Violence

    Trump should have responded to the frantic reporter who asked if he was putting the alt-left and the alt-right (the tiny racist minority therein) on equal moral footing, he should have said "ABSOLUTELY!"... How many more commie idiots are at all these stupid protests waving red flags? How many times have these Marxist clowns been busted faking hate crimes, impersonating Nazi's? How many white supremacist idiots have tenure in american universities? How many Marxist's??? This chimera of "white supremacy" is a farce.
  6. Plasmatic


    Laika, I'm sure NB's foolish comments lead you to think that I am questioning the veridity of your comments on Marxist doctrine (regardless of the doctrines falsity) but that is not at issue here, at all. A agree with your last statement and thats why I object to the things I quoted that are contrary to it.
  7. Plasmatic


    So, because some irrational people don't value truth an Oist should use a non-rational method similar to the way religions spread, to "persuade" others???? OK, has anyone checked to see if Grames' account has been hacked?
  8. Plasmatic


    If they have something to gain from doing so. And this is not even the issue being contended with.
  9. Plasmatic


    You threw it out because you wanted to make a strawman without having to argue the merits of the actual discussion, or what ideas within the link may or may not have merit. Do you have any idea how your last statement is dealt with in Oist philosophy and how it informs my question initially posed?
  10. Plasmatic


    This is not just any philosophical forum and what you suggest is ridiculous. It may be your only reason for being here but there any number of reasons for folks to visit this Oist forum. Nowhere have I claimed that mere disagreement makes one guilty of "holding evil beliefs" nor have I claimed Laika is not questioning Marxism. But not on their terms, conceding their errors as praiseworthy and without moral tolerationism. Your clearly ignorant of the wider debate on this front. Nor the understanding, clearly....
  11. Plasmatic


    Regarding my response to your comment I excerpted previously; there is no such thing as non-rational persuasion. To persuade is to make rational arguments such that another accepts your premises as true. This should not be a controversial claim. As to the erroneous comments of Laika's I was referring to, lets see: Is it the case that "appealing to ethical absolutes" "wouldn't work with anyone"? and is it true that "trying it with a marxist serves as evidence of how little respect you have for them as people trying to reason there way through the world." If one is "trying to reason their way through the world", then why is it the case that "truth will not persuade them"?? (your "merit of fact") If self esteem can only be gained by virtuous action then how is pretending that a marxists "dedication" to the immoral cause of marxism is a source of true self worth and worthy of "respect"? Is it the case that one should treat the belief in marxism as "not a big deal" because a marxist is suffering from the psychological and emotional weight of the fact that their beliefs DO reflect on them morally and there "self" is in a state of moral debasement? Is it the case that "Marxism is primarily (but by no means exclusively) an emotional response to people's suffering"? Is the marxist view of social justice an instance of a "humane" condition"? Is it the case that the marxist myths of "out of control market forces", "anarchy of competition", "exploitation of the ruling class" and a "lack of property" are "oppressing" the Marxist into "militancy" and robbing them of individuality? Is it really "selfish" "at its core" to choose marxism because one is "grappling with legitimate personal problems" that Marx claims "they cannot change or control."? Do I need to go on?
  12. Plasmatic


    You have any non-strawmen comments, sweetheart?
  13. Plasmatic


    First, I don't expect you to appreciate the Oist position on dealing with people who hold evil beliefs, or even be aware of what my reasons for asking my initial question even is. Second, I have a strong interest in Marxist doctrine and study it quite a bit. Particularly the Frankfurt school and the neo-marxism within postmodernism. I think anyone who doesn't understand Marx cant possibly grasp what is happening all around us with much detail. See my playlist on the topic here: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmJ5QMr7eqvScV0kCa7UwgMz-d0F_x6vD Read the description.... Maybe its true that you have equal value to gain by exchanging your "opinions" with a marxist on their terms but that is an affront to anyone with a moral compass.
  14. Plasmatic


    Yet, Laika argued nothing like the above.
  15. Plasmatic


    Why would an Oist grant this ridiculous premise? Almost nothing Laika said is remotely true. Has anyone else observing this and other recent threads been at least struggling to countenance how some have been responding to Laika? (Qualitativley, the nature of the responses)