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  1. The World's IQ=86 is an article about "... the largest and most carefully described collection of the world’s intelligence results." Which means "Test results of 550,492 individuals in 123 countries". A caveat appearing the text is: "So, it is overall important for me to say that this is a work in progress and the dataset is more suitable to find global patterns rather than the exact IQs of single nations." Links to the actual test scores are in given in the form of spreadsheets hosted on Google Drive.
  2. So diversity is good, but there is no actual diversity even between races?
  3. I have to disagree with this. Even among white people that I have personally known there is range of intellectual capacity, and I personally was at my limit when studying vector calculus in order to use Maxwell's equations in classical electromagnetism classwork. That limit would hardly be a threshold appropriate for defining humanity, nor would any other particular concept. The ability to speak and reason at all in any degree is adequate for qualifying as having a conceptual consciousness. "You can't understand this, therefore you are not human"; that 'therefore' clause comes from you. It is up to you to explain why this thought would occur to you as plausible. It is bizarre, and is a form of the "master race" or "chosen people" theory. Birds differ in their essential ability to fly. Even well before there was a theory of genetics as the essential biological cause there was no difficulty in identifying flightless birds as still birds. We are not even discussing mindless persons. addendum: It is a rationalistic error to equate a concept with its definition. This seems to be the problem here.
  4. For the record I am not in favor of America converting into an ethnostate. America has never been an ethnostate, becoming one would require mass genocide, and there would be no advantage to being one. In summary ethnostates are immoral and impractical. An ethnostate is a nation-state with citizenship qualified by ethnicity, ethnicity being a combination of race and/or culture. Some examples of ethnostates would be Israel and North Korean and South Korea and Japan. This topic is about a meme. Its really shows the power of this particular meme that this idea ethno-nationalism even comes up. Some people just can't bear to think about white people as just another racial pressure group among all the other racial pressure groups. It means something has been lost, possibility of a truly colorblind individualistic society. But that is where "social progress" and "social justice" has brought us. Leftist racists exist in significant numbers and have influence and political power. Martin Luther King is dead and so is his dream. It will never come back.
  5. You are still wrong, truth belongs to no one and cannot be tainted in any way by its origin. Apopolgies for the Fact and Value reference, that was the other poster MisterSwig. I don't resort to "its just a meme" to be dismissive, I say you don't understand how memes work, how and why they become popular and are repeated. Memes are fairly self-contained; the only context needed to understand "Its okay to be white" being to resolve a potential ambiguity about the referent of the word white. I don't even understand why you ask the blood and soil question, but I'll answer no because its mysticism.
  6. I don't want to close the borders, just deport the illegals. You don't understand how memes work, you keep harping on your genetic fallacy argument, and now you want to go all Fact and Value on us and be the purest Objectivist in the thread. You are not giving us your best performance here.
  7. It would be like giving communists their own country and observing what happened to it.
  8. Donald Trump

    In other words, Trump has that in common with the people Binswanger used as examples in his essay that you linked. But those what are called "normal people", non-intellectual ordinary Americans whom we know Rand was a great fan of because of their "sense of life" as she put it. Rand was frustrated by America's non-intellectuality but she didn't disapprove of the country because of it. Trump as president is like the common man as president, and her opinions of the common (American) man are probably the most relevant to Trump. I haven't seen much commentary on Trump's sense of life, but that is really what got him elected. His optimism, his vivaciousness, his high energy, his guilt free enjoyment of life and his immensely entertaining Twitter taunts all make him tremendously appealing. But these are non-intellectual factors and incomprehensible to someone committed to rationalism as a professional duty. That would be many ARI people and often Binswanger.
  9. When the meme gets pasted up around university campuses, that establishes the context in which it is to be understood. Thats a pretty lame contrivance which is irrelevant to the moral evaluation named by the word 'okay'.
  10. The meme prompts a certain response from racist leftists but the ultimate beneficiary of witnessing that response and becoming more explicitly aware of anti-white hatred is not the leftists but everyone else. The moral authority that leftists attempt to arrogate to themselves is thereby undermined. That is a good result. I find your continued attempts to make a case of guilt by association to be unpersuasive. The meme stands alone when it is encountered. Its names a truth and truth belongs to no one.
  11. Every university administration that over reacted to this with witch hunts and counseling sessions is broadcasting to the world that is not okay to be white.
  12. The point of the meme "ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE" is to let leftist racists reveal their own anti-white animus by objecting to the modest idea that it is merely okay to be white. That anti-white animus is real and pervasive in leftist strongholds such as universities and big cities. The essence of your (MisterSwig) objection to the IOTBW meme is that awareness of that fact leads to bad places. I hold that willfully averting our eyes and minds from dangerous knowledge is evasion, and evasion is just another way to get to a different bad place. I prefer knowledge and awareness, for myself and others. edit: Normies aren't so easy to make into racists as you fear.
  13. Most of the publicized cases BLM went on about were justified shootings, starting with the shooting of Micheal Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. So no, they were not legitimate. Race denialism is not legitimate either, its just a manifestation of leftist-utopian blank slate theory, the kind that denies there is human nature (denial of the slate to employ the metaphor) .