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  1. m.ana

    Going insane at home

    I guess you should ask yourself if you want to get paid, do you want more acknowledgment of your greatness from your family, or if you truly just want to be left alone.
  2. m.ana

    Short Hair is Sexy!

    Pump your brakes! I don't think the question of ones gender is so bothersome as much as seeing someone the same sex as yourself who happens to be overly beautiful. It is a little unsettling. People love beauty, however I believe most of us keep distant if it is a confusing beauty. We can all thank tradition and culture for confusion.
  3. m.ana

    Short Hair is Sexy!

    I have extremely short hair, not shaved though. I noticed that both males and females seem more attacted to my new look. I still can't figure out if the attraction is because of a new confidence I'm exuding or the actual look of the hair. I believe short hair on a female with striking features causes males and female to question their own sexual preferences.