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  1. Maximus

    Egypt To Open Border to Gaza Permanently Ending Blockade

    Hows that Arab Spring working for you, Obama?
  2. Maximus

    Libya Updates

    As usual...
  3. Maximus


    Hello and welcome. We were all young once.
  4. Of course he sided with the "Palestinians," the Liberation Theology church he attended for 20 years taught a pro-Palestinian view.
  5. Yep, someone is living in La La Land.
  6. Maximus

    Before we all go boom...

    The funny part is that there is no pre-Tribulation rapture in the New Testament.
  7. Maximus

    More Nanny State Gone Wild

    Complete asshattery. Why do people keep electing idiots?
  8. Maximus

    Osama bin Laden dead

    I give full credit to SEAL Team 6 and the CIA.
  9. Maximus

    Osama bin Laden dead

    What on earth is your problem with my statement, if you agree with it?
  10. Maximus

    Osama bin Laden dead

    Which makes it subjective and irrational.
  11. Maximus

    Osama bin Laden dead

    According to Islamic doctrine, the later Suras in the Quran abrogate the earlier, peaceful ones. This has been established from early in Islam's history.
  12. Maximus

    Osama bin Laden dead

    Good article in the Mail Online, lots of nice shot of people celebrating. That being said, the comments by the Brits after the article are telling. Apparently, we are displaying boorishness by our joy at the death of this monster. Of course, they would never stoop to such public displays of emotion. And, of course, we have only made things worse. WTF happened to the Brits? Did socialism and PC remove their spines? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1382652/Osama-Bin-Laden-killed-America-celebrates-death-Al-Qaeda-leader.html
  13. Maximus

    Osama bin Laden dead

    That's the way these cowards are. They send others to their death and hide behind women and children.