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  1. QCFA art on youtube

  2. QCFA art on youtube

    Three videos I produced with some help from QCFA fine art; [media=] ]
  3. Ayn Rand on Johnny Carson

    Youtube please?
  4. "Atlas Shrugged" Movie

    Gives one hope doesn't it...
  5. Iron Man 2

    I would say you've got 4 days before the movies comes out. Go rent the first one. I think having seen the first one helps a lot. You get to know the characters etc.
  6. Iron Man 2

    Hahahahaha! Wow, can't believe it came out in South Africa before the USA. Straaaange.
  7. Iron Man 2

    How has nobody mentioned this movie yet? Pure fucking awesomeness. That is all.
  8. Ayn Rand and Beethoven

    I'm confused. How exactly does one do that?
  9. What are you listening at the moment?

    I regret clicking a single one of those links. And what the hell is up with all those perverse dolls on his profile page?!
  10. The Power of Thought

    Unbelievable. One of the finest sculptures I've ever seen.
  11. Walmart - My new Enemy

    I love when people invoke the "Do they deserve to die?" argument. It is utterly moronic. Who said anything about people deserving to die? Nobody deserves to die, unless they're murders or they've somehow otherwise invited their own death upon themselves. The real question is: Does an individual with poor health deserve to steal from me?
  12. Yeh, same here in South Africa. Many people I know (who haven't yet formed strong intellectual opinions) will eat Moore's shit up. It's not necessarily about preaching to the choir, but preaching to those who don't know any better. That's where it hurts the most.
  13. He more than likely blames them for his obesity.