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  1. I think part of the justification for his response could be seen in the competitiveness and caliber of professionalism required in the industry. Such as, if you were to set up that appointment at JP Morgan and the position was for a high level account manager, I could see him being miffed at you and deciding you weren't up to snuff. But, if it was the local grocery store than he's a hot headed borderline and you dodged a bullet. Any way, how does he know you didn't get hit by a bus, and that's why you didn't call? He seemed eager to pigeon hole you with "people that don't honor their commitments" pretty quickly. That might be something someone with poor self esteem would do.
  2. Buy a scratching post and use classic conditioning techniques. It works for every aspect of house breaking a domestic feline, in my experience.
  3. There has been a recent domain change for TTI's site: new website We hold no Sovereignty in game. Instead many players have chosen to set up in wormholes. The profits are big and the "Gulch-ness" of being productive while tucked away in an off grid location is pretty cool. The website will give you an idea of how TTI operates.
  4. The MMORPG Eve-Online has a player made corporation (equivalent to a WoW guild) named "Taggart Transdimensional." It's members and CEO/directors are at the least big fans of Ms Rands work. Many are Objectivists, and you must display a proper sense of life and understanding of Oism in order to join. I'm currently a member and will vouch for it's legitimacy. A TTI History Similar but different Corporate public forums
  5. chev

    Eve Online

    Since the first BETA release of Eve online a corporation named Taggart Transdimensional has existed. It was created by supposed Objectivists and is still populated by Oist to this day, although the membership has turned over quite a bit in six years. I'm a member of that corp and I must say it's a pleasure playing with like minded folks, as you can imagine why. Here's a link to Taggart Transdimensional info: Taggart Transdimensional I'd offer more detail, but I'm a relatively new member of the corp and game. I'm sure many other corp members frequent this forum and will be posting replies, so I'll allow the more seasoned pros to post information. Fly safe!
  6. Hi, I've been lurking on the forums for a while and just saw this thread. I live in DC and would be willing to help. ~Chev
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