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    Some friends would be nice. My only friends are my significant other of 5 years and my Dad, so...
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    I'm an Objectivist living in Memphis, TN. I love music and some of my favorites bands are Mum, Radiohead, Nobukazu Takemura, and Bjork. I also love to read (i.e. Rand, King, Spillane), watch movies (i.e. Eternal Sunshine, 12 Angry Men, The Fall) and play video games. In addition, I'm a low fat raw vegan and live a fairly active lifestyle.
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    Music, books, movies, video games, my pets...
  1. Thanks for the welcome. The graphic doesn't say anything. It's just a picture of myself.
  2. I read The Fountainhead when I was 15, after my Mom off-handedly recommended it to me. It was really perfect timing for me, as I was having a hard time coping with school. I had stopped hanging out with all my old friends, as I felt they were immature and I did not enjoy spending time with them anymore. I didn't feel bad about this, but everyone else looked down on me for it. I was commonly criticized for thinking I was better than everyone else. While I did indeed feel this way, I was not sure if it was right or not. I was never rude to anyone, I just didn't play games and I never pretended to like someone just to be nice. I liked being confident and it was weird that everyone one else saw it as a negative. Reading The Fountainhead just made me feel great. I knew I was right and now I could put it into words. I really wish I could relive that first read...
  3. Hi everyone. I'm 20 years old and I've been an Objectivist for the last 5 and half years, since I first read The Fountainhead. My father is an Objectivist (he's an architect, actually) as well, so I consider myself rather lucky. I live in Memphis, TN and I major in philosophy at the University of Memphis. While the college atmosphere is definitely better than that of public high school, it still reeks. Even here in the south, it's full of liberal nonsense. I have excitedly enrolled in many upper division individual/capitalism themed courses, only to find out that "individual" is synonymous with "minority" and "capitalism" with "slavery." I'm not really sure what I would do with my degree. To be honest, I'm only still enrolled because I promised my Dad I would finish school...3 semesters to go! Anyway, I fancy myself a business woman and I even ran a successful pet sitting company for a little over a year. I only quit so that I can hurry up and finish school. As far as passions, I would have to say music. Ever since my sister gave me her old The Get Up Kids album (yes, I know) when I was 13, I've been hooked. While my tastes have certainly changed, my fondness for creative tunes has not. I've finally mustered up enough courage to begin composing and have been doing so for the past 10 months or so. Besides that, I love watching movies, reading, playing outdoors, spending time with my many pets, playing video games, etc. I also follow a low fat raw vegan lifestyle, which is just another strange thing to add to the list. I'm looking forward to some great conversations with like-minded people.
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