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  1. Coulter wants a Full Christian Theocracy! But you say you love her? Amazing!
  2. Some awesome Coulter quotes. "Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like liberals do." "I am a polemicist. I am perfectly frank about that. I like to stir up the pot. I don't pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do." She admits to being biased. If you are bias in any way you are admitting that you are willing to distort/ignore a particular reality in order to protect your particular group/tribe. Coulter's solution to the middle east: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" "I think, on the basis of the recent Supreme Court ruling that we can't execute the retarded, American journalists commit mass murder without facing the ultimate penalty," Ms. Coulter told me. "I think they are retarded. I'm trying to communicate to the American people and I have to work through a retarded person!" "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building." From her article "Supreme Court Opinions Not Private Enough" "Having literally gotten away with murder for a quarter century, the court is getting wilder and wilder, deferring to "international law" and issuing nutty pronouncements more appropriate to a NAMBLA newsletter." "In the past few years, federal courts have proclaimed a right to sodomy (not in the Constitution), a right to partial-birth abortion (not in the Constitution), a right not to have a Democratic governor recalled (not in the Constitution), a right not to gaze upon the Ten Commandments in an Alabama courthouse (not in the Constitution), a ban on the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance (not in the Constitution), and a ban on voluntary student prayers at high-school football games (not in the Constitution). " Yes, Miss Coulter, My right to take a piss, or walk down the street, is also not in the constitution. Anyone who still thinks she is not a crazy bitch, try reading the whole article at: http://anncoulter.com/columns/2003/120303p.htm
  3. I knew they would come out of the woodwork
  4. Ann Coulter is nothing but a crazy raving lying bitch! I put her up there with Mr. Moore. Any remotely intelligent/educated person will agree. She is such a nutcase and a moron and evil peson I am sickened by an "Objectivist" that can stand her! Psuedo-Objectivism is not the majority of this forum's focus, but many members are extreme psuedo-Objectivists? Or is it?
  5. Ok fine... but it was ridiculous to make the claim, and then do nothing.
  6. DavidOdden, you are correct. I was a little twisted there for a while.
  7. Exactly, why give my murder my sanction?
  8. Uhh...Is just me....I mean.....Did I miss something or did the "almighty" Greedy Capitalist chicken-out about responding to the arguments from Nimble and objectivist? Ouch! Whip! Whip! Whip! I mean he said he was going to thrash him or something like that. Please don't spam my board. Your other taunts have been deleted. -GC]
  9. Talk about missing the context of statement. ILLEGAL FOR PERSONAL DEFENSE!!!! Mining is personal defense? Mining is an example of the "use of force" against others. You are confused. I conpletely agree, but you are confused about the nature of my statement
  10. Pay attention to the post you are responding too, I said nothing about mining. I am not justifying the possesion of a stick of dynamite except in the context of personal protection. Yes, but only on ACTUAL rights of man, not made up Odden rights. Did you even read my posts? Are you seriously having trouble grasping a list? And I already said that the "Weapon of mass destruction" is a stupid cliche'. I have already said what I will outlaw. Anything used for any business enterprize is fine. Are you joking?
  11. I would not criminalize all weapons. I need to protect myself from criminal activity. Potentially dangerous matierials? The criminals are going to have guns no matter laws are imposed, anyone who doesn't realize this is living in a dream world. Therefore I have a right to protect myself from a threat with equal weaponry. Notice how crimnals don't have tanks, and aircraft and bunker-busters. I would most certainly not make assault weapons illegal. Those weapons are specifically what the criminals have. They should be 100% legal including fully automatic versions. I think you may have missed the part when I ruled out any explosives beyond the power of a stick of dynamite. I could care less about hunting. Assualt weapons are primarily the weapons that should be legal, although hunting weapons would naturally also be legal. I do not intend to restrict people's rights! How can I restrict rights that aren't rights in the first place. Someone said above that freedom of speech does NOT mean you have the right to scream fire in a crowded building. Same follows with the right to own weapons of mass destruction (I know it's a cliche' but it applies) which I would consider a tank. Anything above a handheld weapon with the power of a stick of dynamite cannot be justified for indiviual ownership. Now, I do support the militias, but individual ownership is unreasonable.
  12. I think that all weapons that cannot be handheld should be illegal. The only good point about owning weapons is individual/personal protection. Which can be sufficiently accomplished with these type weapons. That is handheld weapons excluding explosives above the power of a stick of dynamite. Personal protection is ensured under these conditions. Anything bigger would have much collateral damage, and would be a public security risk.
  13. thanks for clearing this up. They are all morons over there.
  14. I found this on the net, and remembered that someone here had the same name as the person described. Who is this guy? http://www.jeffcomp.com/faq/speicher.html
  15. Just a joke. Sorry I forgot to put "Just Kidding" I guess it wasn't as obvious as I estimated Sorry
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