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    Perfection: capitalist atheists who study psychology and recognize that all individuals have different needs for their psychological wellness, as opposed to assuming that it's "my way or the high way."
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    First became acquainted with the philosophy at fourteen.
    Read all of the books and had a decent comprehension of the system of thought at fifteen. Went on to disagree with certain statements made by Rand but continue to respect her as worthwhile.
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    Self-help coach/aspiring neuroscientist

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About Me

Definition: Summer - the time of finest development, happiness and beauty;

"the golden summer of his life".

I post rough copies of my stories in the productivity forum. To keep up with these pieces as they undergo my obsessive editing cycle, follow me at http://www.solitarytriumph.com

   I have always been a stubborn individualist. I constantly argued against the church, ascribed statuses – going so far as to attack matters such as emotions and morals in the pursuit of truth, for as long as I can remember. Rand did not change me in these respects. She has, however, served as a profound source of inspiration, as well as assisted in the formal establishment of my epistemology, primarily in the ethics department.

    I understand this philosophy at its core. From there, it is easy to integrate information independently, without constantly referring back to her statements. While I deeply respect Rand, I am my own person.

   As for who I am - I'll let you be the judge of that.