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  1. The weed-vine example strikes home to anyone who has tried it. In the example, a flowering vine, in the garden, pole beans, cucumber, to a lesser extent squash and pumpkin. Pulling the weed-vine meant being able to distinguish without being able to see, or where finding a viewing angle was just downright awkward. I took the physical-logical necessity as a neat example of ontologically based logic.
  2. The basis for the involute is a spool (cylinder) from which an actual thread endpoint could be used to 'describe' an arc as it is unwound, shifting the 'gravitation thread' into a different context. It would take a pretty short portion of a parabola to superpose it on an involute and identify it as visually indistinguishable. Math is derived from reality. And like many other concepts learned, having used them for many years without issue, the initial formation of one, two, three, is lost back in childhood, and even with the guidance of a Pat Corvini, can be difficult to reclaim a clear notion of the relationships involved, and more difficult to explain to others. As math moves beyond the measurement of straightforward counting, the 'what' gets harder to separate from the "how".
  3. Right. We're not trying to cause waves here. The difference between internal versus external threads can wait for now.
  4. The ax^2+bx+c is the form Newton and Galileo used from the framework of the historical point in time which they made their observations. According to a long lost ancient Pythagorean text, the exact shape of the gravitational threads would have also been dependent on whether they had been formed by being cut or being rolled.
  5. What's wrong with the theory? It appears to be missing a spool. For the thread to take the shape of a parabola, the spool would be needed to unwind the initial thread and provide the initial involute. If only a portion of the entire involute is considered, it might get conflated with a parabola. The more developed involutes more closely resemble a spiral. Rather than traveling along the thread, what is being described is the endpoint, and the course it makes as it becomes unraveled from the spool, where if properly wound, serves as an excellent example of a helical coil. The specific gravity, in this case, might be derived from the weight granted to the original development in the vacuum of having left out the spool around which the original thread was packaged and subsequently unraveled from thereafter.
  6. Along a similar vein is "Alone in Berlin" While not a dramatic a film, the parallel of sand in a machine is intriguing. His notes weren't going to change the course of the war, or the country. What seems inverted is Otto thought that he is introducing the sand into the machinery of the state. Conversely, it is the ideas that put America in process that is akin to the oil or lubrication conducive to fine running machine. The Hitlers, and statist and other authoritarians take the machines being held together by chicken-wire and bubble gum, and contaminate the lubricant beyond what any filters that may be in place can effectively screen out. This is not a recommendation to see the film, just a few thoughts generated after having watched it recently.
  7. What is disturbing is a world that looks at this staged event as something that can be understood on its own merits. If it is reason and rationality that are to be embraced, then ignorance and irrationality are the default conditions that represent the state of an unachieved human stature. Even in a world where the embrace of reason and rationality are the norm, there will be aberrations from that norm. At the age of 29, Ayn Rand stated in her journal As to psychology—learn whether the base of all psychology is really logic, and psychology as a science is really pathology, the science of how these psychological processes depart from reason. This departure is the disease. What caused it? Isn't it faulty thinking, thinking not based on logic[?] By the age of 55, she had set up three essential categorizations for man dealing with the conceptual level of consciousness. The producer achieved this human stature. The stature she described of the other two categorizations in For The New Intellectual dealt with thinking, not as a means of perceiving reality, but as a means of justifying their escape from the necessity of rational perception. The Churchchrist shooter's manifesto is hardly a man writing the Constitution of the United States as protection against the actions of the irrational that may violate the rights of those living peaceably. In medicine, diseases are identified as a means of organizing, conceptually, the various ones that exist, and further identifying which are treatable by what means. When a malignancy such as Brenton Tarrant develops in the "body of humanity", until a cure or a method of preventing such a malady from occurring in the first place exists, the approach need be one to excise or isolate the anomaly in such a way as to protect the "body of humanity" from the ravages of such a disease.
  8. Thought about your post after seeing this headline. The trolling and circumvention of conventional gatekeepers is an intriguing angle to wrap around this knuckle-dragging neanderthal. The Shooter’s Manifesto Was Designed to Troll by Taylor Lorenz for The Atlantic.
  9. <excerpt from part 1> As a physics PhD who formerly worked in gravitational physics, my goal in this article is to guide you — in non-technical terms — toward an appreciation of the science of gravitational waves: What they are, how they were discovered, and why it’s so valuable that we can now detect them. While not just a philosophic breakdown, this paragraph shoehorned in nicely with this article written for Aeon recently, advocating breaking philosophy down into non-technical terms for the general lay-person. Speak to the Shoemaker.
  10. Speak to the shoemaker

    Nice instructive piece featured on Aeon by Edith Hall, who is is professor in the department of classics and Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s College London.

  11. The only thing missing is a frame superposing a milk carton around the image: Impressive computer image rendering.
  12. Ran across another article on Real Clear Science that was reminiscent of this earlier posting: The Silver Fox Experiment Still Shapes Thinking on Evolution Apparently the referenced experiment is still ongoing: Some 60 years later, his experiment is still going. It is one of the longest running science experiments ever, having outlived even its creator. And after all this time, it is still shaping the way we think about fundamental questions in biology — and even influencing the way we understand our own evolutionary trajectory.
  13. Here's a more explicit statement from About Ayn Rand under the Resources heading: Legacy Library We've worked to reassemble Ayn Rand's personal library as it was at the time of her death. Curious about what titles she'd read or owned? You can take a look here. View her Library > Granted . . . it is still the internet.
  14. It was in the Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy to be found: The climax of the "miraculous" view of existence is represented by those existentialists who echo Heidegger, demanding: "Why is there any being at all and not rather nothing?"—i.e., why does existence exist? This is the projection of a zero as an alternative to existence, with the demand that one explain why existence exists and not the zero. Granted the claim of the "miraculous" view is not stated explicitly in your lines leading up to it, but Heidegger's demand resonates in the cited portion. The denial that it is "NOT Reification of the Zero" brushes aside just 'what' is the alternative to existence.
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