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  1. The only spoiler I uncovered so far is the author, a long-time atheist, turned to catholicism. This, however, is a fact aside from the content of the trilogy. Perhaps by October, a second reading could commence. It has been an extraordinary and unexpected approach to sci-fi thus far.
  2. I managed to snag a hardcover version with all three in it for $7.24! Started to read it today and had to get over being inundated by the Dramatus Personae. If HD doesn't thank you later for suggesting it, I might just have to, especially if the terminology I have to keep looking up keeps panning out like it has thus far.
  3. While philosophy does play a significant part, it does so in such a way that most folk are unaware of the role it is enacting. How else could philosophy operate under the radar all of these years while simultaneously being denounced as a mere 'bauble of the intellect'?
  4. There are atheist that reject the notion of god, yet have some notions that are pretty far out there. Does the capacity to use reason rely on being an Objectivist? If so, how did Aristotle, Tomas Aquinas, Galileo Galilei, Issac Newton, etc., arrive at the conclusions many take for granted today? While following an objective methodology doesn't make one an Objectivist, claiming to be an Objectivist doesn't ensure one's methodology to automatically adhere to objectivity either.
  5. A point that failed to get zeroed in on here. That adds a nuance to the story overlooked on the initial preview. If Apple University is an extension of Apple Inc., then Apple Inc. Is not donating monies to a cause over which they've no control, they're establishing and funding an entity over which they have control without necessarily being explicitly aware of how to exercise that control more broadly.
  6. Most positions for philosophers are in the college and university settings. It was a bit strange to see the headline association it with AI and tech companies. It may not be a big deal, considering what the profession has to offer, brushing aside the philosophy's power in the world at large. The latter would be the crux of any significance.
  7. Silicon Valley's Secret Philosophers Should Share Their Work Has Silicon Valley discovered Ayn Rand's thoughts on the power of philosophy? Is Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey leading the way with eastern philosophy? There is general skepticism and critique of philosophy by the 'capitalist engineers and there is skepticism by the philosophers of the technological in innovations which does not suggest a mutual attraction here. The part of being used as virtue-signaling pawns for ethically problematic companies is ironic in a world that demonizes big, business, a point that is not likely to be lost on the larger tech outfits doing the hiring with non-disclosure agreement clauses in the contracts.
  8. I'm about half-way into the program. You said he focused on exploring and testing, but it seems that he brings in many of the objections floated out there, and presents them to see what Yaron did with them. Shapiro seems familiar enough with the subject to see things that come across as an issue of wording, which gave Yaron the opportunity to unpack the issue with the wording by pointing out the essential difference. Take the early point of selfishness, where two men vote to seize the wealth of the third, and contrasting that with the relationship of wealth to reason, purpose and self-esteem, without which, the seized wealth is a hollow victory, putting off the end-game for the current foreseeable moment. As debates go, it is out there and has 27,000 hits so far, mostly Shapiro's audience, I would reckon, with others tuning in because Yaron is on the broadcast. I could look up the stats for Yaron's show, but his numbers are somewhat preaching to the choir, and serve as a tool for others to pass on when an aligned interests are detected.
  9. That is quite the introduction and personal notes, LabelsForConcepts. If you're building a productive life of your own and find those who accept your moral code, that should in turn raise a standard which the honest will repair. Here is a bit more of the context of the George Carlin citation used: What, pray tell, do you think he is on to? And, welcome to OO.
  10. 8000-Year-Old Shipyard Located off English Coast is World’s Oldest
  11. Found this at the Conservative HQ comparing the shift in some businesses to various business practices touched upon in Atlas Shrugged. Another Depressing Chapter Of Atlas Shrugged Comes Alive
  12. Until your post, the last one was in 2006. It is a pinned topic, and depending on where it goes, sub-topics could be added with the warning that spoilers are likely to be encountered. Aside from personally re-reading Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and The Romantic Manifesto this year, there was Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead And Win and Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Created Christianity.
  13. Consider nominalism. To arrive at the conclusion that time is an illusion, what line of reasoning is not being pursued? Like distinguishing dreams, hallucinations, illusions, etc., as contrasted against what? Calendars are produced identifying the cycles of the moon, equinoxes, solstices. Time keeping devices were brought about to overcome navigational difficulties in determining time from the position of celestial bodies at sea. Which constellations are dominant in the night sky, when planetary alignments are to occur . . . for time to be an illusion, a comprehensive integration with the rest of one's knowledge need be brushed aside. To consider that time passes differently under different contexts does not negate this either. If travel at the speed of light returns a twin older or younger (I don't recall off the bat), the constellations, moons, equinoxes etc, would have passed regularly for the other twin, and when rejoined, both would experience the continuation under the context derived on earth.
  14. It does, and based on what you said, I've no compunction about suggesting the essay "The Objectivist Ethics" from The Virtue of Selfishness and comparing it to Galt's Speech, starting with paragraph 20 "Man's mind is his basic . . ." through paragraph 35 "Happiness is the successful state of life . . ." That being said, your acquaintance with the branches of philosophy, while not a philosopher, suggests a little more than a passing familiarity with the science.
  15. Hello Human, and welcome to the forum. Have you read The Fountainhead or any of her other fiction? Or what it is about Atlas Shrugged and your current understanding of Objectivism that you're hoping to find insight on? Personally I started with Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, but most do not. The lectures, too, can be found according to interests, such as ethics, epistemology, applying an objective approach to religion, economics, political activism, etc. One of the books I read, not Objectivism related, but certainly in the context of pointing out guffaws made over time, was The Experts Speak: The Definitive Compendium of Authoritative Misinformation, by Christopher Cerf and Victor Navasky.
  16. I refined my search on the flash mob, horde, mob shoplifting . . . With regard to my reasoning on the topic, the thought of producing a snitch didn't occur to me. So it's not likely for someone to go recruiting to coordinate an event of this nature, and those considering it are not discussing it in such a way to create the likelihood of such an event, i.e., more likely to work alone. Militia groups and street gangs act in ways that already draw law-enforcement attention. I'm good.
  17. You're fine. Again, welcome to our forum, another internet resource of sorts.
  18. Welcome Nathan. How is it that you find yourself based in Kuala Lumpur? Is that where you discovered the philosophy?
  19. Which is it, human_murda? Culture is too broad a concept and too much of a package deal? or countries can be ranked by cultural (cherry-picked) aspects?
  20. Who is to say? How about existence. Existence is packed full of stuff. Some of it we like, some of it we don't like. Even of the stuff we like, there is a limit. Take the enjoyment of reading. Next, head to a large metropolitan library and not counting the books that haven't been written yet, could you read all of the books present? Or the grocery store. Even with a bottomless pocket of cash, could you buy everything in the store and consume it each day? I believe an excellent term introduced to me via Objectivist literature was teleological measurement. I'm not sure what the threshold is set at currently, but like money and time, you have limited amounts. The posts you choose to spend your daily reaction allotment on by the nature of reality excludes the posts you might also like to allocate them to. Unlike time and money, they appear to be distributed like "universal daily income", with the extra caveat that if you don't use them, you do lose them.
  21. Flash mobs don't hit the news as often as mass shootings. The flash mobs that do get reported speak of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property and/or vandalism. Mass shootings have hit a new high water mark of 251 incidents in 216 days. Wiretaps have to be signed by a judge to perform. Police cannot set up a wire tap, then go to the judge and ask for permission to do so. Even if they did, recording prior to the signed writ is inadmissible. When it comes to online surveillance, the argument against using the acquired information is that it often precedes the writ's time of execution, thus it is akin to listening to a wiretap prior to its authorization. Flash mobs typically have used web-sites, social media, "viral" e-mails, etc to coordinate/execute a planned event. Combining flash mobs with mass shootings, as of this writing, is a what-if scenario. Whether performed at a single large event, such as an outdoor concert, or synchronized to take place at high noon, the data generated, unless anticipated in advance, currently has legal barriers to accessing, unless performed such that it is a publicly open record. Individual rights are not identified during moments of crisis, but during moments of crisis, the strength of a free society is determined by the rigor and discipline needed to uphold them. If a culture reaches a point where abulia is the vanguard protecting those individual rights, sea-changes in legal precedence become cultural division issues, such a Roe v. Wade. Yesterday, the software to which numerous quotes have been added to pick one by algorithm, presented the following from The Objectivist --- June 1970 / The New Left: The Chickens' Homecoming: It is philosophy which provides the foundation for the vanguard. A forum, such as this, is riddled with individuals that have varying levels of interest, but likely their abilities are also devoted to other professions. Valuable insights provided allow greater insight. On the flip side of that coin are obfuscations that cast shadows rather than illumination. Thomas Edison discovered a way to reorient the shadows based on where he wanted to place the illumination. For philosophy to be the light of the world, it needs to be plugged into the generators of reason. Until the secret of converting static energy into kinetic power is actualized, the fuel and fuel levels need to be checked periodically.
  22. There is some precedence in Herbert Hoover. According to this piece found on Google, the populace was drawn to his 'making America great' campaign. Philosophically, the country's moral 'average' is a driving politically factor.
  23. And in The Letters of Ayn Rand, in particular Letters to a Philosopher (Hospers) is where the foghorn is sounded about applying our own context or "guessing at his", which is, in essence 'applying our own context', and what is also considered as 'ascribing our own rationality to him' per the wording in the referenced document.
  24. And what's to be done with all the Goat cheese?
  25. A little "unknowable" humor attempt here, but only if the temptation to peek is resisted.
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