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  1. There has been some investigation in these search results: "This sentence is true"
  2. Only that I was referring to Tew's views, not yours. The people that listen to Tew have to judge Tew's claims for themselves. To judge your views about if Tew's views are or are not in accordance with Rand's views only adds an additional layer of complexity. Is there something else being missed here?
  3. Will a podcast work? As near as I can read the question, it asks: There is also the Objectivism Wikipedia page on the matter. It was an act that is surrounded by its own share of controversy.
  4. @MisterSwig Consider Galt's speech with regards to honesty. Elsewhere Miss Rand exhorts her readers to do their own due diligence while providing the core tenets for each branch of her philosophy. Ayn Rand named Peikoff her intellectual heir. Is Objectivism a licensed trademark, or to lay claim to being an Objectivist a form of trademark infringement? The fact that you are personally able to evaluate Tew's philosophic position for yourself and conclude he is something other than what he claims to be, should be evidence enough that others can, too, discover this for themselves, albeit you may serve as a catalyst to hasten the process for some of those that come across your elucidations on the matter.
  5. Two, Three, Four and All That: The Sequel 2:30 to 4:30 on the very first track is where I recollected the paraphrased offering I provided earlier. Your recollection is better than mine on the details.
  6. The materials are audio lectures from ARI. Not sure which one of the top of my head. I'll get back to you on it.
  7. By switching 'possibility' and 'probability' over to the science of measurement, it provides a numeric value without having to address the epistemic issue of where it lies on the continuum of certainty. The status of possibility is a recognition that some, but not much, evidence supports a hypothesis, and nothing known contradicts it. The status of probability is a recognition that a substantial amount of evidence supports a hypothesis, and while nothing known contradicts it, certainty is not yet conclusive. In probability and statistics, to measure something presumes that there is something to be measured. In essence, some areas of math use the prestige the certainty of math purports, implicitly serving as a form of camouflage obscuring a lack of a philosophic foundation. Pat Corvini used words to the effect that in math, if it is wrong, it is influentially wrong. She was speaking about set theory in particular. The principle is sound more broadly.
  8. Then your telling me there is nothing to see here. Let's pack up our popcorn and go home. You have "may be's" and "might be's" and "actually do not know's" and "uncertainly's" (presumably its a typo, which you will find in the Guidelines you agreed to signing up for this forum: Improper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style Participants agree to respect the reader by following the rules of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. An egregious example is failure to capitalize proper names -- for instance, writing "objectivism" when referring to Ayn Rand's philosophy; the correct form is "Objectivism." 1 and other than demonstrate that an epistemological housecleaning may be in order, what did you sign up for? Maid service? Are you offering to help? 1. "objectivist" versus "Objectivist".
  9. In the Amsterdam area, not the most friendly review, but as an announcement: The Fountainhead review – Ivo van Hove hypnotises with Ayn Rand's nonsense 4 hour stage play.
  10. It appears that some premises may be in need of your scrupulous checking.
  11. @Jose What, precisely, is the wording of this principle to which you refer, and perhaps a source to aide in adding some context that might help in clarification?
  12. Could you explain the logic you are seeing for those of us that may not see what you're seeing?
  13. Researchers identify the origins of metabolism That research led to their creation of a basic version of the protein—a simple ferredoxin that is able to conduct electricity within a cell and that, over eons of evolution, could have given rise to the many types that exist today. Then, to prove their model of the ancient protein could actually support life, they inserted it into a living cell. They took the genome of E. coli bacteria, removed the gene it uses to create ferredoxin in nature, and spliced in a gene for their reverse-engineered protein. The modified E. coli colony survived and grew although more slowly than normal.
  14. The success of a particular genre often feeds back into the market as demand. The producers use the feedback to help guide their decision for future production. That can help establish a trend.
  15. Considering it takes less than a year to put together some movies, the plausibility of a reaction to attack on the Twin Towers gains some traction. A horrific reality to watch unfold, and the documentaries on it were not much easier to stomach. The notion that there is something greater to appeal to than reason, when reason can't deliver the instant gratification desired. Considered on a large enough scale, enough conversations influencing the consultation pool for the decision makers of what to produce in Hollywood doesn't seem far fetched when couched in such terms. [edit] I hasten back to add, that may explain an initial shift and uptick, but the longer term trend doesn't seem adequately supported on the same terms.
  16. As one who considers philosophy a science, this distinction has served more as a rift than an honorary neologism. The sexism sheds light on the use of 'man' in a gender sense than the broader species sense. Given the title "Of Human Understanding" about one hundred years earlier, it may stand to reason.
  17. Origin of life: A prebiotic route to DNA Date: June 18, 2019 Source: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Summary: DNA, the hereditary material, may have appeared on Earth earlier than has been assumed hitherto. Chemists now show that a simple reaction pathway could have given rise to DNA subunits on the early Earth. The crux: [A] team of chemists led by LMU's Professor Oliver Trapp has proposed a much more direct mechanism for the synthesis of DNA subunits from organic compounds that would have been present in a prebiotic environment. "The reaction pathway is relatively simple," says Trapp, which suggests it could well have been realized in a prebiotic setting. For example, it does not require variations in reaction parameters, such as temperature. In Trapp's experiments, the necessary ingredients are water, a mildly alkaline pH and temperatures of between 40 and 70°C. Under such conditions, adequately high reaction rates and product yields are achieved, with high selectivity and correct stereochemistry.
  18. Hercules used his polished shield to guide his sword in his encounter with Medusa. Not everyone is hostile toward Objectivism. If I'm not mistaken, there are a couple of books out there that are implicitly based on a younger and more mature development of Objectivism, without having mentioned it once in over 2500 pages.
  19. Objectivism is rejected and ignored like philosophy is eschewed: by those who need it most. More challenging of late to me, is to intersperse the ideas without putting them under the umbrella. Consider it a reverse application of philosophical detection, letting them give you the material to work with rather than the other way around. Reason may well be an indestructible weapon, yet it needs to be wielded to be effective. And seeing reality as the invincible ally it is, requires the ability to shuttle back and forth between the concretes and the abstractions just as invincibly. Going out on a limb here, much of academics sees philosophy as a game where the rules are just made up and can manipulated while it is being played. To invoke the role of philosophy as a scientific referee doesn't bode well on a playing field when the cold hand of reason is just another obstacle to be circumvented.
  20. Defender of the faith? How Ukraine’s Orthodox split threatens Russia A rather lengthy article, covering the topic over time, comparison to similar events and providing a synopsis at the end of the chronology cover as well as the key players Here is the Summary provided at the beginning of the article: The Orthodox Church in Ukraine this year became ‘autocephalous’ – meaning it is no longer answerable to the Moscow Patriarchate Church. Autocephaly is of huge symbolic importance: for Ukraine, as a sign of political independence; for Russia, as a sign of political loss. The Kremlin and Russian Orthodox Church enjoy a close relationship, but both are biding their time and deciding what to do next. The uncertain course of events means that issues arising from autocephaly may not be settled for many years. The domestic consolidation and international recognition of the new church will not be easy or quick, but this is an irreversible change – Moscow is unable to overturn it.
  21. A gracious apology on behalf of an issue that raised my eyebrow based on my respect for the source of the original charge. Thank-you StrictlyLogical. Topic moved to Member Writing, albeit via links at this time. A fitting suggestion, MisterSwig. Objectivism is truly a concept of method. The principles by which it is comprised offers a basis which can help serve as part of an individual's 'filter' for assessing existence. "The battle of the philosophers is the battle for man's mind." Miss Rand is one of many contenders in that regard, and quite the worthy adversary per the metrics she has offered up for use for delineating and objectively gauging the evidence on hand.
  22. Boystun asked: Well, a Google search provides the following for 'philosophy forums' (dynamic link). _________________________ The site that came up on the top of the list generated now was The Philosophy Forum which looks reasonably structured at first glance. Get involved in philosophical discussions about knowledge, truth, language, consciousness, science, politics, religion, logic and mathematics, art, history, and lots more. No ads, no clutter, and very little agreement — just fascinating conversations. _________________________ I Love Philosophy has been out there since 2006 and has to have over 750,000 entries. _________________________ There was a Rationalism forum that is no longer, I and some others that have come through OO posted there. _________________________ I can't vouch for the above sites, but for the next couple of listings, they have helped me to "frame the question" on occasion. These references show up frequently providing useful "as the world sees it" information. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  23. Miss Rand described a conspiracy without leader or direction in Atlas Shrugged, and went on to comprise the conspiratorialist as haters of reason.

    Leonard Peikoff is wont to say "follow reason" throughout OPAR on once in Ominous Parallels.

    Follow reason. Following reason leads to or away from the perceptual level, depending on the direction being pursued.

    A convoluted way of considering a conspiracy with reason as a sort of leader, and direction as her added-on bonus.

  24. This link should be good until the end of May 2019. Atheism or Antireligion. It is not case of proving a negative, rather one of exposing the contradictions. The case implodes when an opponent has acknowledged that the contradictions are accepted/recognized/seen. Otherwise, like existence and consciousness, the expectation for proof of a negative is the request to step into the void of unreason and join whoever is basking in it.
  25. The weed-vine example strikes home to anyone who has tried it. In the example, a flowering vine, in the garden, pole beans, cucumber, to a lesser extent squash and pumpkin. Pulling the weed-vine meant being able to distinguish without being able to see, or where finding a viewing angle was just downright awkward. I took the physical-logical necessity as a neat example of ontologically based logic.
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