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About Me

Jason Stotts is a philosopher and psychotherapist who has long been interested in the intersection of philosophy and psychology that is sexuality.

He received his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Brandman University in 2015 and his Bachelor of the Arts in both Philosophy and Economics from Denison University in 2006.

In terms of his philosophic work, Jason is primarily interested in sexuality and ethics, but is also very interested in philosophy of emotion, philosophy of psychology, and epistemology. In terms of philosophers, he is primarily interested in Ayn Rand and Aristotle, but also enjoys Ancient Philosophy more generally. Jason is a member of the Society for the Philosophy of Love and Sex (SPLS) of the American Philosophical Association.

In terms of his psychological work, Jason specializes in sex education, sex therapy, relationship therapy, and general psychotherapy. His work is primarily grounded in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), but he is also very interested in Philosophic Therapy (the good life, virtue, the role of other people, etc.) and Existential Therapy (meaning in life, death, etc.).

Jason writes the blog Erosophia at www.JasonStotts.com, where he primarily looks at sexuality from a philosophic perspective.

Please note that all topics started by me are imported automatically via the Objectivism Meta-Blog and that I only infrequently come to the Objectivism Online site. If you have a comment or question that you want me to see, you should put it directly on Erosophia, and not on posts here as I'll likely never see it. Alternatively, feel free to contact me via Facebook or e-mail me at Jason(at)JasonStotts.com