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  1. iflyboats

    Should I abandon my stepdaughter?

    OK, I have to come clean. This scenario is fictitious. Although I do have a reason for wanting insightful responses, I shouldn't have pretended that this is a real situation.
  2. iflyboats

    Should I abandon my stepdaughter?

    I'm 30, my stepdaughter from my ex-marriage is 12, and I've been in her life for 11 years. She doesn't know her real father and considers me her dad. I divorced her mother a year ago, but I've stayed close to my stepdaughter, Skyping with her most days and seeing her usually at least a couple times a week. The divorce devastated her and I feel like sh*t about it, so I stayed on as her dad for HER sake to help get her through it. But for my own sake, I think I would benefit from breaking ties with my former family at this point. I don't want to deal with my ex at all, both her and I will date other people, and my stepdaughter will soon hit adolescence and put me through everything that that implies. It was fun when she was little, but I'm uncomfortable about the idea of being a parent to a teenage girl. Would it be evil of me to abandon her when I'm the only father figure she's ever known?
  3. Is it possible to identify it?
  4. And to clarify, I mean not the fact that in this situation, you're being denied the person you fancy, but that someone else has her. Is this envy?
  5. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, but I am not a believer in evolutionary psychology,
  6. When you have romantic feelings for someone, why is the awareness of him or her being with someone else so painful?
  7. iflyboats

    Is psychology helpful?

    I've had two sessions with a therapist who offers cognitive behavioral therapy, specifically rational-emotive behavioral therapy, and he seemed somewhat reasonable, but he recommended a book to me titled "Overcoing Destructives Beliefs, Feelings and Behaviors" by Albert Ellis which contains the following passages: There are several other statements, but those ones jump out at me as being particularly irrational. do you think I've gotten mixed up with a crackpot? Even if these aren't particularly important components of his belief system, I have reservations about someone who would give them any credibility.
  8. iflyboats

    Is psychology helpful?

    Should I trust a therapist whose office is decorated with dark, ugly non-objective art? i'm talking human-like figures contorted or depicted in bizarre, sometimes grotesque ways.
  9. iflyboats

    Is psychology helpful?

    does anyone have any advice on finding a competent therapist? a lot of the ones listed on the internet for my area look like outright crackpots, have dubious credentisls, including education in semenaries, advertising wierd looking theraputic approaches including "equine" therapy, "east-west meditation," "transpersonal" therapy and all kids of other whackjobbery, and some making clear that they hold far left political views.
  10. A mystic (I think) on reddit writes: "Objectivism claims to be a completely secular philosophy, but basically enjoins one to have faith in the supremacy of reason." Is this a skeptic argument equivalent to saying "we know that we know nothing?" The person is making a claim to firm knowledge, which, if it were true, he would have had to use reason to validate?
  11. I believe that we are headed for massive additional "stimulus." If our leaders were wise enough to refrain from "stimulating" in the future, they would never have "stimulated" us into this mess in the first place. Obama will NEVER stop deficit spending and Bernanke will NEVER stop printing money. Nobody in Washington will ever admit to having acted in error; they will only try to blame the results of their mistakes on others. This country will hit rock bottom before it changes direction.
  12. The prospect of all those dollars ending up back in the US and tangible goods ending up outside the country is exactly what I expect to happen.
  13. What if the U.S. were to lose reserve currency status?
  14. I envision a situation where America's negative trade balance comes to an end. But the case may very well be that we end up exporting more than we import, because foreigners will be able to outbid Americans for the things still made in America.
  15. Only if the government makes it possible to manufacture here again by repealing taxes and regulations. That's why we'll never recover until we have a philosophical revolution.