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Found 1 result

  1. Let's not get caught up in all the non-essential questions regarding which candidate is more evil. Have we honestly not settled on the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are ridiculous clowns? Why should we take seriously anything they say before the election? There is only one question to answer: Which clown do we want selecting up to four Supreme Court Justices in the next several years? It's actually the only question that really matters in this election. Forget what the candidates are saying today or promising for tomorrow. It's all trivial minutia in comparison to the unprecedented elephant in the room, which we strangely don't hear much about anymore: the fact that our next president will radically influence the direction of the judicial branch of our government. In broad terms, Trump is a big businessman trying to survive in an anti-big business political climate. He merely dabbles in intellectual matters, probably because he's not that bright and has a poor attention span. He entered politics without much initial support from his own party, and clawed his way to the top. He will probably try to run the country like a business and thus do what he thinks is pro-American. I don't see him shoving Christianity, Environmentalism, or any other devastating philosophy down our throats. Or picking judges based on such ideas. On the other hand, we have Clinton, a lawyer who stood beside her cheating husband before using him to start her own scandal-ridden political career. She has adopted nearly every liberal movement that gains any sort of traction, and she continues to push for more socialization of health care and education. If elected, I'm positive that she will nominate liberal judges and absolutely ruin the Supreme Court for a generation. Which is why I say: Vote Trump!
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