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Found 1 result

  1. I was watching Joe Rogan's marathon interview with Alex Jones the other day, and both of them described so-called "clockwork/machine elves" who appear to people in altered states of mind. Rogan says he sees them after taking DMT or ayahuasca. Jones claims to have experienced them too, and he has absolutely wild ideas regarding their interdimensional nature and purpose. For example, he thinks there are good ones and bad ones, but it's easier to contact the bad ones who want humans to kill each other. And so this explains why nations that get involved in such psychedelic, occultist practices end up committing genocide to appease the higher, evil beings. If you're not familiar with machine elves, here is an introductory video about them. In contrast to Jones, the guy in the above video has a more positive view of machine elves. His creatures have magical healing powers and want to help humans. And this fits with the popular narrative from South American shamans who say that DMT/ayahuasca can cure mental problems like depression. The concept of "machine elves" originally comes from Terence McKenna, a famous ethnobotanist and mystic in the 1990s. It's impressive how his strange ideas have so quickly spread throughout our culture. Consider the fact that Rogan has the most popular talk show on the Internet, and his drug-fueled interview with Alex Jones attracted 180,000 livestream viewers in the middle of a weekday. Three days later, the nearly five-hour show, devoted largely to this alien belief system, already has five million views. Also, before Jones got banned from major social media platforms, he too had one of the biggest shows on the Internet. Jones is a freak. But the way he fits the idea of machine elves into real world events is obviously fascinating to millions of fans. He clearly has Rogan and many others completely bamboozled. While Rogan struggles to make sense of his infrequent, drug-induced experiences of the elves, Jones claims to be in regular contact due to low-oxygen, sleep apnea-related health issues. Jones has "seen everything." Nature herself blessed him with a superpower. He is an interdimensional prophet. In the wake of McKenna and others, Jones is revealing the new religion of clockwork aliens. These machine-like beings reside in a super-realm beyond our own. Only an altered-class of human can experience them subjectively and communicate with them. And through secret interdimensional meetings with government leaders, these superior, seemingly omniscient creatures guide the course of humanity. This belief system is ridiculously advanced in its religiosity. Jones literally can rant for hours about it. But the real power here is in the fact that so many psychedelic drug users claim to see the same sorts of images, which allows them to produce and spread a common vision. They share fractal, colorful, symmetrical depictions of these machine elves and the other world. These works of art bring people's visions into this world, as objects of reverence. The believers produce countless images and stories representing real experiences with these things. A new faith in subjective phenomena has taken hold of them. New dogmas drive their moral decisions. Politics revolve around alien conspiracies. Jones would have you believe that bloodthirsty interdimensional aliens conspire with breakaway shadow governments to decimate human populations. It sounds like an absurd story from The X-files, but there you have it being preached to millions by the likes of Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.
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