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Found 2 results

  1. I am glad to return to this forum which I have not seen in years. Hello to all! I am in Canada, specifically, Ontario. I work with groups who are not objectivist's but do understand the importance of freedom and individual rights. One such group is CANACE (Canadians for Charter Equality) working to repair Canada's "two tier" legal system, whereby some favored groups get favored treatment beyond Canadian treatment. Actually, it is much more than two tiers. It is a whole rapacious mob of various treatments pressure groups receive, all the while citizens get their rights stripped each year while being expected to pay for the charades. Now, my focus. Alberta (a western province of Canada) had a flood, citizens in a small town named High River were evacuated. As citizens were gone to higher ground, Canada's police took it upon themselves to search for possible missing persons who might not have made it up to higher ground. As they did this, they also took it upon themselves to confiscate (without warrants) rifles and guns of citizens in the homes they broke into. This act by the police was completely immoral, not to mention illegal. As Canadian tradition has it, people complain, but rarely DO anything about their frustrations. The below letter is a guide for any Canadians in western Canada who might see this to use as a possible guide - if you are outraged at illegal police activity. If you wish to contact me also, you can easily find me by typing my name: Ted Harlson. Open Letter to the People of High River: I am writing regarding the fact that the RCMP entered people's homes and removed guns. While I do not own a gun, I am outraged that police believe they have the authority to steal property from people - unless they had people's consent then it was illegal. In Caledonia, Ontario the police have repeatedly violated people's rights. As a result, my organization has filed criminal charges against senior OPP officers. To date, the courts have ordered 3 of the highest ranking officers in the province to be criminally charged - Commissioner Julian Fantino for threatening elected officials, Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis for obstructing justice and Chief Supt. Ron Gentle on a charge of obstructing justice. In fact, our cases are now law across Canada as they are being quoted by judges in every province. Canada is the only country in the world that allows average citizens to charge government officials - in fact, our laws were changed in 2002 (under a Liberal government) to strengthen citizens' authority because parliament believed this ability to hold government officials accountable, via the laying of criminal charges, was the last line of defence in a democracy. No police officer is permitted to violate the Criminal Code and no officer is required to obey any order that causes him to violate the Criminal Code. Any senior officer who gave such an order has automatically committed a crime. Until average citizens step forward to hold police and government officials accountable there will be no end to such abuse by those in authority. Anyone interested in learning how to lay criminal charges against the officers (and/or their superiors who ordered them to do so) who removed property from homes can contact me at [email protected] Freedom isn't free - someone has to pay the price to ensure our rights are respected by authorities. Gary McHale Executive Director of CANACE Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
  2. What is the single root, meaning absolutely fundamental reason why force is not permissible in prevention of logically inevitable greater harm? As I am basically still an Objectivist in many ways, although I must say in lieu of your (and my own) terms and conditions (which I read yours) I am not anymore completely able to call myself one. This is my disclaimer. However, I think and therefore feel that it is appropriate as it is necessary to challenge each other through devil's advocacy wherever we can so that we never get 'soft.' Therefore, a polemics exercise must be declared, but can be such a great way of argumentative brain-storming and imaginative deductions as well as inductions. That is why I propose the above question as if I were an advocate of Fascism. Dig? Anyone interested in rounds of mental sword play, please comment! BTW: My next eBook is very much in line with this kind of devil's advocacy, both in intent as well marketing and production. I'd like to therefore, share it: MY STRUGGLE (new Philosophical Treatise - eBook Im writing) http://www.vesperhel...per-heliotropic