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Predation: Virtue Or Vice?

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I've just purged my computer of about 100 mp3 files downloaded illegally. He he he. The hypothetical me was actually me.

I think that is an admirable action!

Shortly after joining this site almost two years ago, I did the very same thing, but with a fair number more songs. All of my d/l'ed songs now came from iTunes Pepsi or Slurpee giveaways or were ones I purchased (almost 450 total now).

PS: Your devil's advocacy did seem to have a thin veil. :thumbsup: (I mean that humorously)

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Yes, way to go, brit2006!

Getting your music legally will probably reduce your problems with malicious spyware and viruses, too. If you go to a dubious site, you are more likely to run into other things of dubious value.

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