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I'm just wondering about other Objectivist mechanical engineers as far as their industry or research area of choice. I'll soon be graduating and pursuing master's studies in mechanical engineering myself, and at this point my ideal industry is small arms (FN, HK, Colt...etc.). So what are you other MechEs doing? Anyone trying to design super efficient engines like JG in Atlas Shrugged or what? Is anyone doing research instead of industry? Any advice for kids like me?

I'm an amateur with no schooling or degree who enjoys mechanical engineering as a hobby. The latest design project I've been working on is this intake manifold on my engine. It's a completely different design from the original manifold...


I think you chose a really cool field where you can truly benefit Americans. Arms are constantly evolving, and engineers are needed to keep pushing the envelope.

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Would Be

Would be the rise to wonder,

. . . . this click-shut night.

To those trains’ risen rumbles,

. . . . this silk tie tight.

Would be to traction motor,

. . . . copper, shellac.

To axles’ bright ten-thousandths,

. . . . castings in stack.

Would be for tons two hundred,

. . . . high cranes glide free.

To locomotive thunder,

. . . . we who would be.

(Copyright 2013 by Stephen C. Boydstun)

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After WWII our father worked as a civilian for the US Air Force. We lived outside the base called Tinker. In the 1950’s, we children would hear him and his buddies sometimes muse about distant-future possibilities of ray weapons. In those days, they called them Buck Rogers weapons. Here is a bit of ray weapon attainment today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbjXXRfwrHg.

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