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My 3D Architectural Visualizations

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Hi, i'm new to this forum. I work as a 3d artist for architects, and based on some good feedback, I thought you might be interested in my work. My job is to turn sketches and technical drawings into lifelike images and videos of buildings, in order to help architects and developers communicate their designs to clients and buyers.

You can see more of my images at www.lissone3d.com. If you like my work, definitely check out the showreel vid on the site, which includes my best video work so far.

I designed the first building and landscape, which is a mix between traditional Omani and minimalist design. The rest were designed by architects.








For the past few years, i have had some unusual ideas for architecture and landscaping, something that is very different from anything I have ever seen built, a style that all about aesthetics, with function as an afterthought. When i discovered Rand last year, I was blown away by her portrayal of Howard Roarke's architecture. Based on her portrayal, i have decided that my goal is to become a property developer and designer, so that i may have absolute control over design. My favorite building is probably the Sydney Opera House, however the people in charge compromised the artist's vision and ruined the base of the building. Still, a beautiful building.

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Lovely work, Sergio. It doesn't just seem real, it seems super real. Reminds me in quality of the architectural photography i did with large format view camera.

The designs are stunning, too!

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Sergio, when I finally get to the point where I design my "forever house" I'll give you a call. :)

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