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William Parker

OSU Objectivist Club

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I've decided to start an Objectivist club at Ohio State University, even though I'll probably be graduating this year. I have some more local support so I can do more beyond the community meetups (which have continued in spite of my choice not to keep posting them on this forum; please check out Facebook, Meetup.com or e-mail me), and a potential person to pass off the different responsibilities to, once I leave for my illustrious career.

We had a table at the student involvement fair last Monday where 70 people signed up for our mailing list, and we passed out all of the ARI booklets we had, plus many flyers and Undercurrents. So, brimming with that success, the first meeting of the Ohio State University Objectivist Club will be tonight (Monday, September 28) at 5:00pm at University Hall 043 (a basement room next to the tunnel to Dulles Hall). We hope to meet weekly and have different activities to help OSU students learn about and apply Objectivism.

If you know anyone at OSU who might be interested (or should be :) interested), please let them know. Our Facebook group page (current main point of contact) is: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=133576269686

You may also give them my e-mail which is parker.453 followed by osu dot edu.

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