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Metal Apperal

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I remember in Ayn Rand's play Night of January the 16th a character in it, by the name of Bjorn Faulkner bought some sort of a metal mesh dress, a "platinum gown" "fine mesh, soft as silk" for his love interest, mistress named Karen Andre, and heated it in a fire, she put it on her naked body "as hot as she could stand" wearing it for him, and as it cooled it took on a "silver sheen. If it burn her, he'd kiss the burn, "wild like tiger!". Really cool sounding when I read about it. That play is actually still every once in a while a production in various play houses across the country. I'd love to get a chance to see it someday.

I like this style of this guy's metal clothing, Brooks Coleman, (http://www.etsy.com/shop/brooksbot75 and http://dogjoblabs.com/), all of it I think is intimate appareal so far:


I imagine that they might be cold feeling. But when it was posted on another forum I am one, I immediately was remined of the scene in Rand's play.

Now this one, looks like if you have large breast size, it'd accomadate them, by enlarging the spiral as needed to fit into it:


Anyone know of any other such appareal? I know a photographer from online, she just bought the metal corset one, and she's going to have a photo shoot with it on one of her dolls. That's be great, she does wonderful work:


This is her corset to be:


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