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I'm done with doing my own eyebrows

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I have this problem with my eyebrows that makes them look a little funny. I think it has to do with a muscle on that part of my face, but one eyebrow is much more toward my forehead than the other. I also have crazy weird blonde hair that grows very funny if I don't obsess about it. If I get really skilled people that specialize in it to wax my eyebrows over time, you can barely tell and they look very arched and pretty. The place I went to was out of business with no warning a couple of months ago and now I have nowhere else to go except run of the mill nail salons that make them look horrible. Ever since I thought I might as well just do it myself and they are turning out pretty strange looking and I used to look so pretty last fall when I was going to the other place, I'm really sad :(. I'm going on vacation with my bf in a couple months so I have to do something fast and I want to look good because he is spending a lot of money on this, and the least I can do is have good grooming. In case you don't know eyebrows are very important because they frame your face, and they're even more important for people with high cheekbones and big eye sockets like me. Sorry if this sounds a little obssesive and weird about appearance, but this has been a lifelong battle because I was born with horrible eyebrows and there is such a big difference in my looks when they are groomed. I don't really want to focus on this stuff but I don't have a choice if I don't want to look like a slob.

So, I was wondering, is there any kind of plastic surgery you can get to regrow your eyebrows to be more proportional or something? I wouldn't do it now but I would consider it in the future, and I'm not a perfectionist freak I just really need it. I would also probably spend more money on waxing over time. So ladies, any advice?

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