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Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Trade Agreements

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I read about this last week but I still don't see a topic for it, so here it is.

Obama signed a trade agreement with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea. I've had a hard time finding particular facts about what the agreement actually does or enables.

As far as I can tell so far though this seems like an overall good step. Apparently they were originated under Bush 2 and then left by the wayside until now.

Concerning Obama's gain in all of this I can't really figure it out. Typically there's nothing that monster doesn't do to suit his ends. But U.S. unions oppose free trade because it "hurts" American products. So what's in it for him? Is this a little bit of an attempt to pull his popularity out of the gutter and pragmatically please the new congressmen around him?

Are these trade deals useful or are there hidden catch-22's that actually hamper or create new immoral disasters?

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