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Lee Cooperman's Open letter to Obama

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Lee Cooperman is a hedge fund manager who used to work at Goldman Sachs about 20 years ago, but has run his own business for many years now. Far from being "right-wing", he is one of those who signed on to Warren Buffet's pledge to give away a good portion of his wealth. Here's a profile from Forbes.

Cooperman has written an open letter to Obama. His main point is that Obama's rhetoric is unproductive and potentially dangerous. Here's the full text. It is worth a read, and if you like it, pass it on.

I think a President's tone is an important issue, because it does impact the media and intellectual discussion. I think it matters if a president sounds resigned (Carter), pragmatic (Clinton), upbeat (Reagan), or scolding (Obama and Roosevelt).

I hope more rich people -- the true "1%" have the courage to stand up against the increased class-warfare rhetoric. Thank you Mr. Cooperman.

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