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Scientific method

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Scientific methodology of validation of claims

Some of you might be interested in an article (about a new invention) I have posted. The link is:


It is an entry for a writing contest. Please post your comments at their website. Please evaluate this short article; it was written with general public in mind. Feel free to forward the above link to anyone who might be interested.

Thank you in advance,

Ludwik Kowalski

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I know you asked for comments on your writing, but Rossi's Energy Catalyzer really sounds like a scam. The dead giveaway for me is that the reaction produced copper that has the same isotopic characteristics as natural copper found in mines (about 69% Cu-63, 31% Cu-65), and lacked any of the 27 unstable isotopes of copper.

There is absolutely no reason this should be true. Why would a reaction that does not initially contain copper just happen to produce the same ratio of copper as was formed in certain past dying stars that happened to eject their material toward the region where our solar system happened to form? And why would it lack any unstable isotopes? It's much more likely that they just bought some copper at a store.

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