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Reviewing Obama's Use of Presidential Power

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Recently I was talking to a foreigner from outside the U.S. who wanted to know if I liked Obama. He was surprised when I told him "no" and asked why. I replied that Obama is a bad president because he explicitly seeks more power. As opposed to a bad president who is merely ineffective and ignorant. But attempting to recall all the various ways in which Obama has sought to expand his powers or abuse them my mind stiffed me.

So here I'd like to ask for particular examples where Obama has sought after more power in dangerous ways. Some of the examples I can recall:

-Presiding over, helping create and advocate for massive and non-objective laws which are not even finalized during passage.

-Breaching into fascistic government takeovers of banks, and GM.

-His current wish to be capable of consolidating several government departments.

-Killing of an American citizen abroad.

-The trial balloon that was a website for informing on his opposition.

-Multiple "czar" appointments.

-Tight discretion and control over the press pool and how it gets access to the White House.

I feel like there should be so much more, but that's all I can offer for now. Can you help me accumulate a review of Obama's term and his power seeking? As a president is Obama really uniquely worse in this regard or have there been others? Obviously F.D.R. strikes me as the closest of Obama's kin. I could only imagine if Obama won a 2nd term the very first thing to go into motion would be planning how to execute an end to presidential term limits.

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His insistence that the power given by the NDAA to have the military arrest and detain people indefinitely without charge or trial be applied to Americans on US soil.

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