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The best resources for studying logic

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H.W.B. Joseph's intro to logic gets a lot of attention. It's very comprehensive.

But if you're interested in specific details like what it takes to formulate a proposition or the role of integration, you might want to consider these works:


This has some interesting stuff about "judgment"


This has some interesting stuff about "apperception". Taylor defines "apperception" as "the process of relating a present fact to some past experience which explains it as its class, ground, cause or reason..." He goes on to say:

"We find it everywhere in the intellectual processes — in sense perception, conception, judging, and reasoning. Without it our separate sensations would not be moulded together into the individual things that constitute our sense world; our class-notions or concepts would not take the judgment form; nor would our judgments unite in the final logical procedure of reasoning.. Whenever a present experience engages our attention it forthwith challenges the mind's relating activity to build it on to any phase of previous experience that is discovered to have some bearing upon it."

~William J. Taylor, Elementary Logic, ch1 "Introduction", pg 9

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Actually forget about the 2nd and third recs. You wanted the *best*.

Minto has some problems in his foundations.

And I thought of Taylor only because he mentions a process that sounded like integration. Aside from that there are problems with him too.

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I'm happy with my logic book, which is Logc: An Introduction, by Lionel Ruby.

Prior to reading (half of) it I had no previous expreience with logic as a subject, and this one has been good for me.

You can find Harry Binswangers endorsment of this book via google. Basically he recommends that Objectivists buy it but ignore some select parts.

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I feel like I've studied the basics of logic a thousand times (propositional logic and first-order), but for some reason every resource I can find on advanced topics in logic leaves a huge unexplained gap from the basics, and it quickly all becomes incomprehensible. This is very frustrating.

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