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Can I morally buy an evil movie?

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One of my favorite people, Justin Timberlake, recently got mixed up with a movie ("In Time") that appears to have an anti-capitalist message. I like Timberlake because he normally beams with egoism and benevolence, not to mention talent. I trust that he doesn't mean any harm; unfortunately he just lacks awareness of philosophical issues and therefore doesn't know any better. Is it moral to buy the movie just to see him in it?

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Movies are primary not a message , they are work of art and have mainly aesthetic value. For example the message of " Avatar" is far far away from the Objectivist philosophy but it is beautifully made and it is a pleasure to watch it-especially 3D version. I watched it 3 times. In contrast the movie " Atlas Shrugged" has all its messages right but it's awfully made and I will never watch it again.

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