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Poem: "But One Day More"

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But One Day More
In each man's life, there comes a day
When he that breathes, will breathe no more –
When heartbeat's rhythm at last fails,
When pale death stands before his door.
And eyes no more can see the sun,
And arms no more make love's embrace –
No longer laughter will he know,
No longer see the earth's fair face.
Then might he wail, “But one day more!
“One day to know the world again!
“But one more day, to walk this earth!
“One day, to know the work of men!
“For there are things I have not done!
“A man that I have never been!
“O, never have I lived life full!
“O but one day to live again!
“To live with Passion, Joy and Pride!
“To be the man I once dreamt of!
“Who did not yield his life to loss!
“Who in his soul matched gods above!
“But one day more, give me but this!
“To see the deep blue of the sky!
“To know the bliss of life well-lived!
“But one day more before I die!”
But old eyes fail, and heartbeat stops,
And into death's embrace he goes,
Crying throughout, “But one day more!”
But the grim scythe he does not slow.
You men who live and breathe today!
Recall his wail, “But one day more!”
And know each day, of years, of life,
That guiltless Joy that life is for.
And let there be, on death's black day,
No crying wail, “But one day more!”
Look back upon a life well-lived
And proudly pass that final door.
© John Rearden.

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