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Part of OCON 2016 appears to be about something they're calling the "Objectivist Movement 2.0". Appears to be the same type of shift in focus that we saw with The Undercurrent.


 ... the time has come for the Objectivist movement to enter a new phase of its development, what we’re calling Objectivist Movement 2.0. This new phase will focus more directly on fostering a vibrant Objectivist community: one that is both welcoming and intellectually challenging, encouraging and self-critical, serious and fun. The movement will be populated with individuals united by the idea that Objectivism is first and foremost a philosophy for living on earth.


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On 3/30/2017 at 0:54 PM, Boydstun said:

.OCON 2017 - Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is almost as convenient as Columbus. :) If I attend, people need to add their internet aliases to their name tags so that I can recognize them in person.

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