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Where to get feedback on writing?

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I'm trying to improve my ability to articulate through my ability to write. I find writing my thoughts down often allows me to express them, and even some semi-related thoughts in a much more eloquent and appealing way. 


I plan on writing about Objectivist concepts, logic, descriptions of scenes/rooms and my own thought processes in my own words but I'd like to know where I could get some feedback when I do so. I expect to pay for it I just don't know where to go apart from university (which I don't think is worth it). I've seen some online communities like scribophile. Are there others? What about one's for Objectivist concepts? Could I potentially find a tutor for Objectivist writing? 


I've also thought about joining the ARI's OAC but I don't think I'm ready right now (Don't know enough and really bad at writing essays). 


The purpose of all this is:

1. To improve my own thought process 


When I'm better able to articulate a scene / concept I think I can understand it better and also retain more of that knowledge. Sometimes I think I get a concept but I feel like I'm missing some words to explain it and consequently I will forget about why I understood it later. Sort of like.... if I'm in a room and I describe it in a way which paints the room to a reader's mind (the lighting, the mood, the feel) I myself can recall it much better than if I can't describe it apart from naming off a few objects in the room.


2. to articulate and thus to communicate better with other people 

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While this won't provide feedback on your writing directly, Objective Communication might be one ARI course of interest to you.


Writing your thoughts down, reviewing them for clarity and/or errors can be a process of "editing your thoughts".


Reviewing the responses you receive from your questions with internal questions of your own such as:

Did I get a clear answer to my question - i.e. did I frame my question clearly.

if I did not,

Was it the question that I asked? How can I ask it differently?

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