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Know any occasionally-updated Objectivist blogs? Not purely personal, but perhaps a mix of personal posts and more general ideas? Over the years, I've followed over a hundred such blogs. Most fizzle out, and that's fine too: an RSS reader means that someone can have a thought a year after his last post, create a new post, and it'll show up in my reader. I enjoy some of these blogs more than most active blogs, since many of the high-volume blogs are mainly targeted at convincing people about Objectivist positions. I have little interest in that.


I am sharing such blogs that I follow, where there's been at least one post within the last few months. (I'm leaving out blogs that we already "re-blog" here in a sub-forum.) Please respond with blogs of Objectivists that have occasional non-personal posts, which you find of interest. (My stress is not on any particular interpretation of "Objectivist". I mean it loosely here to include fans of Rand or other "fellow travellers". The test is: if you think it has value, and the person fits somewhat in these categories by your standard, I'm interested in checking it out.)


So, in no particular order (just the random way they appear on my Netvibes):


The Rational Egoist

Professor in Dalian 



The Rational Capitalist 

A Life of Valuing


3 Ring Binder

Uncharted Territory


Applying Philosophy to Life

Krazy Economy

The Little Things

The New Clarion

Words by Wood

Reason for Success

One Reality







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