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Does Objectivism can help me?

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Hello Guys,

I would like to apologize for my English, as it's not my first language.
I don't know if this post releted to this forum, and maybe I should have write where I can get professional advice.

In these days, I'm dealing with terrible emotions. I had a very unpleasant experience that left me with Anxiety, Embarrassment and Humiliation. A very traumatic incident.
The most hurtful thing is that many people, I meane...many many people know about this Humiliation and Embarrassment that I'm afraid to leave my house and deal with thier whisperd and stares. I'm talking about a very serious embarrassment that I had in public. I feel shock everytime I remember it. sometimes I take Valium to calm down.

 I really want to walk around all this people and don't give a shit about them but it just look impposible, I can't ignore it. I know they talking about what happend to me in from of so many people. How can I walk through them calm and apathetic to their gossips?


So....Objectivism is what I need?

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I completely agree with Grames.


A relative of mine is in a similar situation. He was admitted into the hospital for high blood pressure caused by stress (for similar reasons that you have stated). He is currently selling his house (i.e. moving) and getting psychological treatment. I am not saying that what you are going through is necessarily in your head, but you clearly need someone to talk to about it, especially before it can cause damage to your physical health. Stress, depression, anxiety can have extremely negative effects on your health.


First, completely remove yourself from the environment.

Second, see a psychiatrist.

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Objectivism holds that a rational morality states that men ought to act in their self interest. I suppose understanding why that proposition is true could motivate you to take the steps necessary to help yourself (which are the steps posters above mentioned: cut ties with the people who are hurting you, and start a new life independently of them).


Another thing Objectivism might be able to help you with is provide a rational basis for acting in a way that will hopefully keep you from ending up in a similar situation again. But, since you don't mention what caused your problems, I can't say for sure. Was it your fault, someone else's, or just bad luck, that caused these problems for you?

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How can I walk through them calm and apathetic to their gossips?

I don't think Objectivism can help you do that. Objectivism doesn't help people suppress their emotions or become anti-social.


Objectivism can help you understand why you shouldn't try doing that, and why you should instead simply cut ties with people who hurt you, and seek out people who won't.

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