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Identity, Inner Life and Psychological Change

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Somebody forgot to include a table of contents in this book. The title Identity, Inner Life and Psychological Change states its major parts. The large typeset of the book, the naturalness of expression, the personal and social importance of its topic, the wholeness, richness, and balance, the informedness by clinical experience and scientific advances, including in brain science, all these conspire to seduce and grip and to expand the reader’s mind. Here is the missing table, loosely speaking, best I put it together quickly for such an organic work as this:






    Sexual Attitudes







    Personal Continuity  



    Time Alone

    Emotional Venting


The Road to Identity

    Genetic and Biological Factors

        Physical Appearance





        Social Layers

        Intra-Family Factors

    Free Will

        Contra Purely Free Will or Psychological Determinism


The Meaning of Inner Life


Inner Life Rejected


Augmenting Inner Life Experience


The Process of Psychological Change


I got to open the book only this week. I have read only the Identity part of the book so far, which is why there is more detail for that in my table. That part sets up the background for the dynamics to follow. I had immediately ordered this work upon learning of it last fall because of the Inner Life part, which interest would be expected from the second paragraph of the S personal note above. 

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Lecture Inner Life

Allan Blumenthal / Joan Mitchell Blumenthal

December 1991 - New York

(Begins just under two minutes in)


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