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Republicans are dumber than Democrats...

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Wow. Reading part of the sentince then smearing someone because you couldn't integrate the whole paragraph.  Just like talk radio in the afternoon.  et tu Ditto Head? 


See how easy that was?  The mind reals.  I forgot how unusually attached you are to Krugman and how you have painted some warped right wing nonsense around any rebutal of the man. 


As for my post, please read the rest of my paragraph before blurting out nonsense.  I quite clearly explained the difference. 


Actually that was the point. That's what you've done to Krugman (and maybe me too). You read 3-4 of his words and conclude that he is "thinking like a collectivist" (whatever that means)...


What he said about that study absolutely was a reasonable conclusion and is in all likelihood at least a partial explanation for the dramatic rise in Republican fundamentalism. There's nothing "collectivist" about the fact that some people get their philosophy from some group they happen to belong to. He was not "making excuses" for Republican Ark-believers (why on Earth would he?).


I pointed out in the OP my own critique of his conclusion, but you probably didn't read that either...

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I read it.  Mine was simply an observation of methodology.  Everything you said after that is quite valid in seeking data points. 


You may have a point that I am immediately skeptical of Krugman, since his aweful whitewashing of Detroit's backruptcy in enomomic-collectivist methodology that he flat out knows better than to do, a slipper slope he has been exposing himself on for while on, I have written him off.  To be and to be fare I even went back and looked and to me it looks like collectivist mothodology with some actual points peppered in to justify it. 


Meh.  Onwards to other subjects.

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