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Root of "Rights"

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Violence is not the only hindrance to acting rationally. Essentially, anything which interferes with the pursuit of your values, and could not have been rationally predicted within the context of your knowledge, will have the same effect (but not anywhere near the same degree).

That's why I started this thread; I hadn't been able to integrate that because while it's a close approximation (other people are the BIGGEST threats to rational action) it's too pivotal for any such ambiguity.

However, if one considers the ernormity of others' potential value or disvalue, with the fact that rationally identifying the actual one costs time and effort- the hands off concept of privacy logically follows.

Otherwise it's an excellent article, SL; thank you for posting it. =]

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"A right is an exclusively social principle. A social context is one in which other minds are present." ~ Harrison Danneskjold

I like these, and suggest making them P1 and P2...

Thank you. In the future I will use them as P1 and P2; within this thread I needed to straighten out the basis behind even that, first.

"Choice" necessitates hypothetical alternatives (which are implicit in every conscious state) and values; some inequality between those alternatives.

In any situation where one has no clear values (such as any discussion of sports which I must endure) there can be no choice.


I highly reccomend SL's article. I disagree with one point it makes but it's an accurate presentation of Rand's political basis (and altogether delightfully rational).

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Regarding the apple tree, I agree that cutting it down would be wrong. Every person I don't know is a potential value. It's not naivete; & it's not a benevolent universe guided by mysticism. It's a benevolent universe in which my fellow man, acting rationally, recognizes that to be of value to me will benefit him.

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