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Mark Scott was a radio talk show host that premiered in Detroit, Michigan back in the 80's. Local radio politics derailed the show here, and Mark took it on the road, first to New York, then to Disneyland on the Potomac (Washington DC) before returning to the station it began with. Moving to the Internet when the radio station had a change of venue, he broadcasted for a few years, returning to radio just prior to health issues bringing about his demise.


Unbeknownst to Mark, his broadcasts on the radio where recorded and rebroadcasted on the Internet. This website, appears dedicated to trying to gather many of those broadcasts into a local repository.


Mark was the first time I encountered the ideas of Ayn Rand. What struck me was not his references to Ayn Rand, but the ability of this individual to articulately undermine seemingly plausible arguments in a way I had never witnessed before. By the 1990's his connection to Ayn Rand had been clearly established in my mind. I had attended a couple of rally's he had organized, taken some photographs from one of them that he sincerely complimented on his radio show, after his return to the Detroit area.


For now, take a gander at the his abbreviated recommended reading list (I wish I knew where my explicit, more detailed copy is), and a newly compiled list of Mark's internet bookmarks, two more feathers in the cap of this unexpected undertaking.



The world ended the day you died. Excelsior!

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Mark Scott interviewed Robert Stubblefield. Partial interview with Robert Stubblefield, Publisher of The Intellectual Activist
(1991-1996). Discussion of his editorial: “Bring Them Home from Bosnia.” The Intellectual Activist (Jan. 1996)

This was recorded President's Day, 1996

Source page.

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Mark Scott Show – WXYT 2000Tape 12.mp3 – 1:08:00—December 14, 2000 – Hour 1

Two highlights from this portion:

1. Interview with Brian J. Finegan.

Author of The Federal Subsidy Beast: The Rise of a Supreme Power in a Once Great Democracy.

2. Lew Rockwell article, “Media Intent,” December 14, 2000,

http://www.unz.org/Pub/LewRockwell-2000dec-00018 , about Bush over Gore win.

Direct link to broadcast portion:


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Here are a couple of 10 minute clips from when Mark was on WXYT radio in Detroit.

If you have never heard of Mark Scott before . . . here is Mark in his own words explaining his philosophy.


And here is Mark explaining the approach to society and how to change it to a caller...


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These broadcasts are from the last years (2001-2003) of Mark Scott (1940-2005). As a supporter of the broadcast, I had copies of all the broadcasts for personal use. This e-mail excerpt (link relocated) was received today, 3/4/2018.

The Mark Scott Project is extremely proud and honored to announce that we are able to post, with the special permission of Mark Scott's family members, Mark Scott's internet broadcast period, The Mark Scott Show.

Here is a special message from Nick:

"Mark Scott's family would like to thank Pioneer Technology for making all this possible.  We would not be able to share these recordings with the public without their hard work producing The Mark Scott Show, and preserving these memories for so many years.  We are very happy to share the internet show with the public at large!  Thank you to Pioneer Technology for releasing the recordings so Mark Scott's audience can enjoy them for years to come!"

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