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How to obtain old copies of Objectivist periodicals?

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Hi, all.


Does anyone know how to get/buy old versions of the following:


1) Intellectual Activist  (there used to be a way to buy old editions, but I don't see the option anymore)


2) The old Objectivist Forum   (I know this website exists, but not sure if it's even in operation... http://www.hblist.com/tof/)


3) Access to Energy  (I know there's a site, but it appears very old, and the emails that I've sent to their sales address come back saying the address is invalid


4) On Principle - this was a pretty good newsletter that came out of New Jersey.  It wasn't 100% Objectivist but was still very good




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I have never tried to purchase old periodicals. However, I did peruse the University of Akron's library when I attended, and they had complete volumes of Rand's old periodicals. Maybe that's the case with others, too -- if you haven't tried searching universities yet. Last time I checked, all public and university libraries were connected in at least a roundabout way, so that you could have books transferred or at least gain access to any library. If you were really nice, sometimes they would make exceptions about what you were permitted to check out and take home (another large volume of something I wanted was on a library-only list, but I got them to let me take it).

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