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New OO.com area "The Laboratory"

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I'd like to introduce you all to a new area of OO.com: "The Laboratory," user owned-and-operated forums!

Over the years, we've had users who sometimes wrote with one kind of theme or another (MisterSwig's Bible Stories comes to mind), who may have wished to have their writing easily found and accessed for viewing and feedback purposes. This forum area extends that idea. Each forum "owner" has full control over the posting and editing of his forum, for both himself and other users -- a kind of moderator for his own writing, where comments from other users may be approved or hidden at his discretion. The whole idea is similar to a traditional blog -- but hosted at our forum, it's more of a hybrid. Frequency of posts is at each forum owner's discretion, as is their content and theme.
I'm excited to announce three of our users who've agreed to be the first participate:
dream_weaver has long maintained a thread called "Dream_Weaver's Allusions." It is the perfect kind of writing for the new forum area!
Stephen Boydstun has also contributed many threads of his own writing over the years. Recently, his efforts have turned to writing a book. He shares with us his reviews of the books he reads while conducting research for his own book.
JMeganSnow, longtime member and admin, has taken me up on a request by hosting her own advice "column"! I've loved JS's writing over the years -- and it just so happens that her first answer is to a question that I submitted.  :)
So, check out The Laboratory, and post below what you think about it!

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