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Server move and missing posts

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After a week or more of laggy performance, we're now on a new server (since yesterday evening). The response seems better, but if anyone notices something wrong/different, please post here. 


I noticed that the forum has not been sending email for the last 2 weeks. That means notifications sent by email -- from responses to your posts, or from people emailing you -- may have disappeared into a black hole. Of course, you would see those via forum notifications if you logged in. [And if you aren't logging in, you aren't even reading this post, so you don't know what you're missing ;) ]


Anyhow, if anyone notices something else like that, please shout.

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Even though the new server is faster and has been down much less frequently, it has still gone down... sometimes more than once in a day. Just wanted folks to know that we're working on tuning it to keep it as reactive as possible, while still fitting into its 1GB RAM limit. 

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