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Guest Joshu

Interview with France's Sabine Herold

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Guest Joshu

I think you'll enjoy the Atlasphere's most recent interview, with Sabine Herold -- leader of the new and growing pro-liberty movement in France, of all places. The interview is available to all at the Atlasphere:



Joshua Zader


The Atlasphere http://www.TheAtlasphere.com

Connecting Admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged

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Herold: I think we have a need for a very small welfare component ? very small. I want to have some privatization everywhere, but for the very poor people I think it's good to have a very small government welfare component to be sure that they don't just starve.

[...]I'd also like to keep some state schools, but I don't want to have laws that block the private sector.

Sabine has yet to understand certain things about principles. When the Red Army entered Eastern Europe, they took many people away for "malenky robot"--"a little work." Usually, that "little work" turned out to be years of emaciating slave labor somewhere deep inside the Soviet Union, in one of those concentration camps called GULAG.

You do not adhere to a principle by only violating it "a little." Once you give politicians the power to institute a "very small welfare component," there is nothing that will stop them from abusing that power to create just the kind of nightmarish bureaucracy that Sabine is currently fighting against.

And of course I wish she didn't call herself a libertarian. I suppose she hasn't interacted too much with members of the U.S. Libertarian Party yet. :confused:

That said, she is pretty much the only ray of hope left for French civilization, so I wish her luck and good hunting.

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