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Who wrote Anne Frank's diary?

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Some relevant portions from the article: Anne Frank's diary now has a co-author

The copyright on The Diary of Anne Frank — set to expire Jan. 1 in most of Europe — has been extended by at least 35 years after the Swiss foundation that holds the copyright claimed Anne's diary actually had a co-author: her father, Otto Frank, the New York Times reports.

One lawyer says it implies the foundation has been lying all these years about Anne writing the diary on her own and that it "should think very carefully about the consequences."

Author Cory Doctorow writing for BoingBoing says giving copyright protection to editors undermines authors and calls the foundation's claims that Otto co-authored the diary "spurious."

Cory Doctorow captures the essence quite well. Did Otto Frank co-write his daughters diary, or just play an editors role in selecting from her entrees what to exclude from the book?

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Anne Frank's diary is now free to download despite copyright dispute

The foundation fighting its publication threatened legal action against those publishing the diary for free. It points instead to a 1986 reprint of the diary by the Dutch State Institute for War Documentation, a posthumous publication that pushes the date the book would enter the public domain back to January 1st, 2037. For now, though, the book remains online, making Anne Frank's important and illuminating look at her young life free to read. That's assuming you can read Dutch — the book's translations are still under copyright.


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