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Welcome! I hope you find the value you're looking for.

If you're fine with doing so, post a line or two about your acquaintance with Objectivism and/or Ayn Rand (e.g. "Just read The Fountainhead, reading Atlas now, and looking deeper", or "25 years since I read and loved Rand", or "Objectivism seems odd, but I want to check it out a little closer before dismissing it"... etc.). That kind of thing gives existing members a little context when they respond to anything you post.

Update: After posting this, I saw your profile says "Experience with Objectivism: Nil... "Ayn Rand Letter". That's an unusual place to start, but probably not a bad one.

Again, welcome to the forum.

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Hi Amelia, welcome to the forum. This thread was started by another new user a while back -- If inclined to, feel free to start one of your own, or simply reply to this one with a little bit about how you've come to know about Ayn Rand and Objectivism.

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