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Searching for a Yaron Brook Q&A

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Ok, here is my dilemma:

While driving around with bluetooth, I play YouTube videos and just listen to the audio. A little while back, I was listening to one of the MANY Yaron Brook talks at a college campus. During the Q&A, some girl got called on, stood up, started beating a tambourine, and sang some first-person song/word poem about how native Americans were oppressed and enslaved, and yada yada, and Yaron just stands there for a couple minutes as she goes through her whole performance. When she finally stops singing, he responds with something to the effect of: "ok... so I'm not sure if there was a question there..."

And I laughed incredibly hard and almost crashed my car and died.


Anyway, the point of this anecdote is to try and find out what that video was. I never saw the screen, so I can't recognize any visuals, and when you look up Yaron and College, there are SO many to sift through, that I feel helpless. I was hoping perhaps someone else was familiar with this video and could provide a link.


With the recent interest on YouTube with SJW's and the whole "PC" movement, I thought that this interaction was especially hilarious. Can anyone help?

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Q&A's usually follow a cohesive lecture. Do you remember what this one was about?


If you have your own YouTube account then it automatically tracks everything you watch. Just go to your YouTube history, by whatever method your particular device expects, and it will contain that video somewhere.

If you receive notifications from YouTube (or are able to use the "subscribe" or "watch later" functions at all) then you are using such an account. On Android, the YouTube app has a  tab in the top-right corner which is dedicated to viewing your profile.


If you're not using the YouTube app on an Android phone then I couldn't direct you to your own profile. However, if you do have one (which is probable) then it does keep a record of all the videos you've watched; you need only access it.


If you have been viewing YouTube videos through your device's default browser, without manually logging into any YouTube account at all, then you'll have to sift through your browser's history.

If you did it that way and then cleared your history then you are screwed.


You will have to sift through some sort of list; the only question is its size.


Please post whatever you find. That sounds hilarious.

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