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Where's the beef?

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Cattle that escaped from St. Louis slaughterhouse are headed to animal sanctuary

Let's start out with the good.

Their rescue came with the help of a crowdfunding page started by Adam Brewster of Chicago. As of Monday, Brewster had raised more than $16,500 to help the animals.

He said Monday he donated the money to the Gentle Barn to purchase all six of the steers for an undisclosed sum from the slaughterhouse and help transport them to their final location.

In the aftermath of the stampede of six steer, a voluntary crowdfunding page raise enough money to purchase these wanderlusts from their former rightful owners, and relocate them to a faculty dedicated to a different objective than feeding people who meander into grocery stores with the question in their mind of "Where's the beef?".

The steers — including Chico, who dodged police and animal control officers during a dramatic five-hour bid for freedom . . .

Perhaps I missed their "Declaration of Independence" stating their grievances against a crown.

There are other issues with this article, to be sure, but the crux is laid out, and the language is such as to obfuscate clarity in thought. I'm having some difficulty grasping that this is considered newsworthy attention for the Drudge Report, but have to accept the fact that it is, and move on.

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