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Hello to you too. As far as intros go. I'm not an Objectivist but I'm happy enough to know them and to connect to the aspirational elements of the teachings. I'm not interested in moochers or blaming, just in living the best life I can for myself.

I'm drawn to the joy of creation in Rands books. Not so into condemnation of others. We haven't got to the dystopia of Atlas yet. And tbh I am fairly socialist too with a small s. I like taxation and don't feel it steals from the rich to do it. 

Overall more of a Willers than a Galt. Feel most affinity to Roark really although I'm like Keating in wanting to be liked. I admire my wife who plain doesn't care about Joe publics opinion. I always joke that despite the fact I read Rand I think my wife would buy it more.

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