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Four Things

1. The man who invented the chicken nugget, which anecdotal evidence suggests to me is the only thing some kids will eat, also left his mark on the outdoor gathering customs of upstate New York:
Cornell Chicken Barbecue Sauce, though, was his first great triumph, and what he is best known for in upstate New York. All summer, every summer, Cornell Barbecue Chicken features at backyard parties and family get-togethers. Younger generations of Finger Lake residents don't even recognize this as a regional specialty so much as the default way to cook chicken outdoors. "Every fund-raising event, every fire department cookout, every little league barbecue, must serve this recipe or nobody would come," writes barbecue expert Meathead Goldwyn.
It's a simple recipe, and I intend to try it over the weekend. Yes. Finally, cookout season has arrived in Maryland!

2. Someone at Hacker News raised the question, "How do I dress better?" Someone who replied explained something that has always baffled me, because it runs counter to what I learned ages ago -- i.e., Don't. -- about wearing short sleeves in an office:
Of course the reasoning for short sleeves is that graphite dust would stain long sleeves. Likewise for a black tie. Since drafting using pencils is pretty much nonexistent these days the need for the style is gone. Now it's just used to project an image of competent professional engineering.
Ah! Dilbert's wardrobe: explained.

3. I'd heard that the recently-deceased Adam West had an off-beat sense of humor. Mosey on over to a recent tribute to the original Batman for a good example.

4. If you're a parent near the Baltimore area and want a good day trip on a week day, let me recommend the bakery tour of Snyder's of Hanover, about an hour north of town. I took my daughter there and to an excellent local park last week, and she loved it. I intend to try a few others from this list of "7 Factories and Businesses That Give Great Tours," too.

-- CAV

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