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Counting Crows

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On the back of a t-shirt in the midst of a small gathering were the words "Counting Crows". A list of locations punctuated the fact that the first thing that leaped to mind was not to do with the touring locations. At this point, I recognized that Counting Crows refers to a band of instrumentalists and singers. Of course, the wearer of the shirt recommends the group most heartily, and while still not having listened to any of the music, the following lyrics were selected from a rather this repertoire of songs.

After checking out "A Mona Lisa" (I enjoyed the movie, "Mona Lisa's Smile"), the "Scarecrow" (for some strange reason, The Wizard of Oz came to mind and was quickly repudiated), I finally settled on "God of Ocean Tides" (nothing to do with the latest Disney film "Moana").

Close the door on a short night
Lift the lid on the daylight
6:09 West Tennessee time
And I buy all my days

At the same place where the girl sells her nights
To a God of ocean tides.

Why, when I see "Counting Crows", I thought of "Crow Epistemology" at first, is hardly beyond my comprehension.  The rest of the lyrics hardly compelled me to seek out more about "The Rest of the Story". RIP, Paul Harvey. RIP.

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