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Resources for Understanding Objectivism

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1 hour ago, StrictlyLogical said:

An good list of resources for those who wish to understand Objectivism.


Please move thread if appropriate. (I suggest a new category/forum "Objectivism: Resources and Education" or something similar)

It might be worth getting this thread moved to the "Questions of Objectivism" sub-forum and have it pinned so people can keep adding links and resources to it so there is some quick reference material available for people new to the forum.

Edit: there is already a pinned thread on studying Objectivism here so maybe add this to there: 


btw, that's a really great selection of resources. Its especially good to see how varied it is and that its not only coming from Rand herself but from the broader Objectivist movement. I'll have to come back and read more to do it justice. :)

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