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I take no credit for the instrumental aspect of the album. I do, however, take full credit for all of the vocals provided on the album including the lyrics involved (you will hear an Objectivist-themed message in the lyrics). Instead of only rapping to hip-hop instrumentals, I provided vocals to instrumental math rock bands that I enjoy listening to as well (with thanks to Scale the Summit for giving me permission to release what I dubbed to be 'Streets').

A few underlying references to Rand's philosophy on the album:

"Swimming through an open mountain; hope to find a golden Fountainhead; architect, don't push me off the edge." - Palisades!

"Got wisdom like a Randist; you say I'm in a cult, well I say that it's your fault. Everybody shouldn't be immoral as adults." - Days

"You're Ellsworth Toohey; I'm Juan Pabla." - Blonde

"Well you're anti-reason . . . so float the boat. No amigo. Where's the ego? People, people. Calling it the evil." - Go

"Call me the new philosopher." - Let's Kickbox!

"If it's Ego then that's my talk." - Streets


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